Brightening up your smile with teeth whitening in Harley Street

Each day our teeth go through a series of obstacles, from crunching down on biscuits to chewing gum repeatedly and being soaked in liquids each time we drink. Whilst this is of course unavoidable, the types of food and drink we consume can be altered within our diet so as to protect our teeth from stains. Removing red wine, caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee, and cutting down on sugary consumables can work wonders. For some these steps may be big, for others they may be minor changes.

Whilst the above changes can make a huge difference, if the discolouration has already set in, it may be that you are searching for a way to renew the appearance of your teeth and recreate the white gleam that they once had. This is where teeth whitening Harley Street comes in.


What options are available?

For those who have had a bad experience within a dental practice, visiting the dentist can engender feelings of discomfort, anxieties can arise and an overall sense of fear can take hold. For those people, visiting the dental practice for any form of treatment or procedure may be something they tend to avoid. However, this is no longer necessary. Whilst we cannot change past experiences, we can create new, positive associations with your visits to our dental practice. Our team from receptionist through to the dentist are there to work with you, so as to achieve your dental dreams and whilst the occasional visit is needed, there are options available with many treatments that are primarily home based.

An example of this is the whitening option carried out at home. As with all treatments and procedures, a consultation will need to happen first and it will be during this time that a blueprint for your custom-made dental trays will be created. Once the trays are manufactured, you will be called in for a quick recap and to be presented with them. It is then over to you. These dental trays fit snugly and comfortably to your teeth for just a few hours a day, whether it be daytime or overnight is your choice. With a whitening gel placed inside the trays within around two weeks visible results can be seen.

For those who have no anxieties surrounding visits to the dentist, it may be that they opt for the Zoom teeth whitening Harley Street treatment. This process is carried out within the dental practice and essentially requires the patient to sit in a dental chair whilst a lamp is placed over the area activating the bleaching process. This suits patients who are after a quick re-colouration before a special event or for those who do not want to build gradually with the whitening process.

Or for the people who are unsure about which route to follow, it may be that a combination of the above two processes is carried out. Either way, when looking into treatments and procedures it is important to discuss your concerns, no matter how big or small, with our dental team. By doing this, together you will be able to come up with an option that not only suits your physical needs, but also your emotional needs.