How often do I need to visit a dental clinic in W1?

There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the idea that you need to visit a dental clinic in W1 at least twice a year. We thought it would be prudent to set the record straight in an open and honest way, so that you can understand why this is commonly used as a guideline for many individuals.


Advances in technology have allowed us to be able to identify slight signs of decay very early on so that preventive treatment is possible as a solution to halt further decay to a tooth. For us to be able to monitor the health of your teeth effectively, frequent check-ups in the time frame of every 6 months is advisable.

We also suggest that having your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months by a hygienist will allow your teeth to remain plaque free, so that the risk of decay or cavities is further reduced, your teeth remain white and bright and you do not suffer from bad breath.

If you commit to visiting our dental clinic in W1 every 6 months, you will find that check-ups and treatment are fast, inexpensive and easy. We can simply offer a routine scan, using the most advanced technology, give your teeth a good clean and send you on your way. Any developments or changes will be immediately alerted to you and a course of action laid out, so that you can follow it at home or if need be come in for further treatment.

There are some instances where we are able to provide you with immediate treatment, reducing the need for you to come in for more treatment as this can be burdensome, especially if you are working or studying.

We also suggest that you uphold a commitment to biannual check-ups or even more frequently if you are going through some life changes. Pregnancy can be extremely detrimental to the health of your teeth and as such, we need to be able to monitor your health closely, so to give you the right kind of treatment quickly.

During your second trimester, it is not uncommon for growths to occur on your gums and although not harmful, they can be a little frightening. By scheduling an appointment with us we can alleviate fears and ensure your teeth are strong and healthy during this tumultuous time.

So it’s critical I come in every 6 months?

In some instances, no. If your teeth are strong and healthy and we are seeing a track record of good oral health with little issues to be concerned about, we will honestly tell you so and ask you to come back after a year, unless some issue comes up.

We do suggest that you visit a hygienist, however, to keep on top of hard to remove plaque or tartar and simply to give your mouth a good clean, as it feels wonderful to do so. We believe in transparency with our treatments so that you are happy to come into our dental clinic in W1 and receive appropriate treatment.