How an orthodontist can subtly straighten adult teeth

The benefits of treatment from an orthodontist are not exclusively reserved for children and teenagers. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we are keen to stress that orthodontic treatment can be useful to patients of all ages, improving both the appearance and function of the teeth and jaw.

straighten-teethOrthodontics is the dental specialism that focuses on the alignment of the teeth and jaws, and an orthodontist can treat problems such as malocclusions and improper bites – in other words, the way that the teeth and the jaws meet.

Harley Street Dental Clinic has not one but three in-house orthodontists, who can treat children, teenagers, and adults. Dr Sarah Neale, Dr Emma Lang welcome new patients of all ages. Dr Neale is known for her work with nervous patients, so if fear or anxiety about dental treatment has prevented you visiting an orthodontist in the past, she can help you to get the beautifully aligned smile you’ve always wanted thanks to her virtually pain-free dentistry.

One of the primary barriers to visiting the orthodontist as an adult is the popular misconception that orthodontics has to mean obvious metal braces. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we recognise the thought of lengthy treatment with a glaringly obvious appliance is not particularly compatible with a professional adult lifestyle. That’s why we choose to take a subtler approach.

The best appliance for you will depend on your clinical situation – the type and amount of correction required. When you come for a consultation with a Harley Street orthodontist, they will conduct a thorough clinical examination before talking you through all the relevant treatment options.

Depending on your needs, your Harley Street orthodontist may recommend:

Porcelain braces

Tooth-coloured porcelain appliances are a popular choice at our Harley Street clinic. These can be for rapid cosmetic correction or more extensive treatment.

Lingual braces

Your orthodontist can use lingual braces to correct a wide range of conditions. They work in the same way as regular braces, but are attached to the rear of your teeth so no-one will notice them.


A series of clear, removable aligners that take 6-12 months to complete.

Orthodontics without metal braces: Harley Street treatment options

Modern orthodontics offers a number of subtle ways to straighten your teeth, without a glint of metal in sight. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have three in-house orthodontic specialists, who provide treatment to children, adults, and teenagers.

metal-braces-harley-streetHere at our Harley Street clinic, we are always keen to point out the benefits of teeth straightening treatment to patients of all ages. An increasing number of adults are turning to orthodontics, whether they missed out on having treatment during their younger years or underwent treatment only to experience adult relapse – teeth moving back to their old position, often due to failure to keep up with the retention stage.

We also recognise that a lot of adults are put off by the thought of wearing metal “train-track” braces, which is why at Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer a number of more discreet routes to straighter teeth.

Orthodontics as an adult can. . .

  • Help you to maintain good dental hygiene by reducing hard to reach areas where plaque can build up, making your teeth easier to clean and cutting your risk of gum disease and dental
  • Better protect protruding front teeth from accidental damage.
  • Improve your bite (how your jaws meet), reducing excessive wear on some teeth, and making it easier to eat a healthy diet.
  • Help in some cases of bruxism.
  • Boost your smile’s appearance, and with it your body image and self-esteem.

Harley Street Dental Clinic offers treatment with both braces and aligners. Your orthodontist will help you to choose the most appropriate appliance for your needs.

Harley Street discreet orthodontics

Lingual braces

Braces remain the staple of orthodontics. They can be used for everything from mild cosmetic correction to more extensive treatment involving the bite. Lingual braces are made from metal but nobody will notice them in everyday life because they are fitted to the rear (lingual) surfaces of the teeth.


This system of clear, removable aligners can treat a range of conditions in between six to 12 months, with minimal impact on your lifestyle. Maintaining dental hygiene during treatment is easy – you just pop the aligners out to clean.

Ways that your dentist can subtly straighten your teeth

Modern orthodontics afford your dentist or orthodontist a plethora of subtle ways to straighten your teeth. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we use both fixed appliances – braces – and removable ones – aligners – to straighten adults’ teeth without the whole world needing to know they are undergoing treatment.

straighten-teethIf you think orthodontic treatment has to mean metal train-track braces, think again. Then come into our Harley Street clinic for a consultation.

What your Harley Street dentist can do

When you come into Harley Street Dental Clinic for a consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth, and your bite – the way that your jaws meet together – before recommending the most appropriate treatment options.

Many of the discreet orthodontic treatments we offer are also quicker than standard brace treatment. You will still need to come in for regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

Among the treatments your dentist may offer include:

Lingual braces

Lingual braces work just like standard metal braces, the only difference being that they are affixed to the rear (or lingual) surfaces of the teeth. They are invisible in everyday life, and can be used to correct a full spectrum of orthodontic problems.

Porcelain braces

Porcelain braces again work in the same way as standard braces, using brackets and wires to adjust the position of your teeth. The big difference here is that they comprise clear and tooth-coloured components in place of obvious metal, so they will blend in with the natural colour of your teeth.


Treatment with Invisalign involves using a series of clear aligners to gently and subtly move your teeth into a better position. As well as being clear, thus invisible in daily life, Invisalign are easily removable. This means you can take them out to eat and drink, as well as to clean.

Can a cosmetic dentist also improve my oral health?

Do you believe a cosmetic dentist only cares about aesthetics? At Harley Street Dental Clinic we are keen to point out that this is not the case – whilst cosmetic dental treatment focuses primarily on the appearance of your smile, in many cases treatments will also improve your overall oral health.

Health benefits of visiting a cosmetic dentist

hsdc-cosmetic-dentistryHarley Street Dental Clinic’s collection of dental experts can treat aesthetic and general oral health concerns large and small. One of the most obvious general health benefits of treatment from a cosmetic dentist is the affect a beautiful smile can have on your self-esteem. Having a smile that you are keen to show off helps to improve self-confidence, as well as having a positive impact on day-to-day business and personal interactions.

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth

Aesthetic orthodontic treatment is one of the most popular requests made of a cosmetic dentist. Straightening your teeth also has additional health benefits, because straighter teeth are easier to keep clean at home. With fewer gaps for food particles and bacteria to build up in, straighter teeth can lessen your chances of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath – with a good home care routine and regular visits to your dentist and hygienist, of course.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer a number of discreet ways to improve the alignment of your teeth, including tooth-coloured braces and removable clear aligners. Your cosmetic dentist can recommend which options will fit best with your lifestyle and your clinical or aesthetic needs.

Restorations that help to keep teeth healthy

Teeth that are chipped, cracked or otherwise broken should always be mended quickly. Even small cracks can enable bacteria to get into your root canal system, causing infection and necessitating root canal treatment. A cosmetic dentist can use composite bonding techniques, crowns, onlays, inlays or white fillings to restore damaged teeth.

Orthodontics – cosmetic dentistry at Harley Street

Have you always dreamt of having straighter teeth? Many patients, when asked what they would change about their smile, answer that they would like their teeth to be straighter. However, when they hear the word “orthodontics” they picture metal braces that are not just very obvious, but are also associated with lengthy treatment times and discomfort.

orthodonticsIf this sounds familiar, we are confident we can help. Orthodontic treatment has advanced massively in recent years, and at Harley Street Dental Clinic our specialist orthodontists offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions for Harley Street patients of all ages. Many modern orthodontic devices are so discreet that nobody will know you’re having treatment.

Orthodontics is the specialist branch of dentistry that deals with the alignment of teeth, and with your bite (how your teeth meet together). The term “malocclusions” is used to describe improper bites, and can cover a range of conditions. You may be diagnosed at the clinic or may be referred to us by your dentist.

Our skilled Harley Street dentists will examine you and will recommend the best treatments for your condition, as the perfect treatment will vary from patient to patient. Among the options available are lingual braces, which act like regular braces but are placed on the back of your teeth; and Invisalign, a series of clear aligners that gently move your teeth into a new position. Invisalign are often called “removable braces” because you can take them out to eat and drink, and to clean your teeth.

In addition, we offer many other orthodontic treatments, including oral surgery to relieve jaw pain. Surgery is usually the last step taken and we may explore other treatment options first; however, when it is the best option we provide oral surgery at the Harley Street Dental Clinic, with full access to its state-of-the-art facilities including general anaesthesia if necessary, to help nervous patients receive the treatment they need.