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Dental Emergency Appointments - Harley Street Dental Clinic

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and would like to be seen by one of our dentists right away, please call our practice and our team will be able to book you in as soon as possible. Please note that the clinic has a 24 hour telephone on call out of hours, where your calls will be answered for advice and a call will be returned in the morning.

The phone number is 020 7486 1059.

Alternative please send us an email detailing the nature of your emergency and the best number to call you on.

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If you've chipped or broken a tooth as a result of an accident or an injury, it can be a traumatic experience. It's very important that you see a dentist immediately, even if the tooth is just slightly chipped. And if you have knocked out a tooth or several teeth, the sooner you are seen by a dental professional the better because there is a chance that the teeth could be re-implanted, depending on the severity of your injury.

It's very important that you keep the knocked out tooth clean and avoid handling the root. In some cases you may be able to put the tooth back into the socket by biting down on a clean paper towel for around 15-20 minutes.

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If you have a chipped tooth then your dentist may be able to smooth down the uneven edge and replace the missing part with a tooth-coloured filling. If you break a back molar then this may have to be replaced with a crown.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, it makes it easier for both you and for us when appointments are made in advance; however, we certainly understand that sudden dental problems happen that require emergency attention. At our dental practice, we try to accommodate you. We are open six days a week, offering services from dental hygiene to oral surgery. In addition, we maintain an emergency service line, so if you're having problems, give us a call. We will direct you to our dental hygienists, dentists, oral surgeons, and various other team members who may be able to assist you. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we all work together as part of our commitment to offering you pain free dentistry.

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