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Why EPIC laser treatment?

Doctors have used lasers for years to provide better care for their patients – like LASIK vision correction laser treatment. Now, we can offer the benefits of advanced laser technology for your dental care with the EPIC™ laser.

No one wants surgery, but when surgery is required, conventional treatments, utilizing a scalpel and stitches can cause a great degree of discomfort. EPIC laser treatments provide patients with greater comfort, less bleeding, faster healing and better clinical results than conventional treatments.

The EPIC laser was developed by BIOLASE, Inc., the world leader in dental lasers.

How does the EPIC laser treatment work — is it safe?

The EPIC laser system is soft tissue laser that emits light that precisely interacts with the areas to be treated in a low dose and safe manner. It can also provide temporary relief of pain by delivering therapeutic heat. Easy. Fast. Safe

What laser treatments can the EPIC laser do? Treat Gum Disease

Bleeding gums and gum recession are common signs of gingivitis and gum disease, caused by the presence of bacteria and inflammation inside the gums around teeth and implants. The EPIC laser gum treatment is minimally invasive and relatively painless procedures that kills the bacteria and remove infected tissues inside the gums. Which result in reduced inflammation, less recession, promote the formation of new bone and improved healing of the gum tissue alongside good home care and adequate plaque control

Relieve the Pain of Cold Sores & Oral Ulcers

The EPIC laser is able to treat as well as decrease the amount of healing time for embarrassing annoying sores and painful ulcers.

Improve Your "Gummy" Smile

With EPIC, it is possible to improve the appearance of your smile by shaping the gums, known as laser soft tissue gingival contouring. The laser safely removes excess gum tissue that may give you a "gummy" smile or makes your front teeth appear irregular in size or shape.

Remove Oral Growths

The EPIC laser system may be used to remove small "tags" called papillomas and growths called fibromas, that result from cheek or tongue traumatic bite.

Fix "Tongue Tie" or Prevent Gum Recession

Tissue connections that restrict the movement of your tongue affecting your speech or cause gum recession can be "released" with the EPIC laser. Patients who choose EPIC will also experience less bleeding and a lack of need for anaesthetic or sutures in many cases.

Root Desensitisation

Dental sensitivity is a common problem where a taste of ice cream or hot tea can sometimes be painful, this problem can be treated with Epic laser and patient can enjoy their meals with no need to avoid certain food or drinks.

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