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Here at the Harley Street Dental Clinic we are privileged to have the expertise of Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons working together with Orthodontic Specialists under the same roof. So we can offer treatment for the most complex of cases with this team approach. Sometimes straightening the teeth with orthodontics is not sufficient and for a perfect result the jaw bones may also need to be moved. In this instance our team can provide the facial/jaw surgery in synchrony with the orthodontic treatment. Every patient we see is different in their physical make up and how much treatment they would like to undergo, so we will meet altogether to plan your specific requirements.


The ultimate discretion with treatment is where the braces are hidden. Lingual braces attach to the back surfaces of the teeth and gradually straighten the teeth in the way that braces on the front have always traditionally done. We use the leading appliances in this field, IncognitoTM and WINTM. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and suitability for this treatment.


Custom-made, virtually invisible, smooth and clear, Invisalign® aligners have become a market leader for gently and accurately aligning the teeth whilst maintaining excellent aesthetics. Following a consultation and treatment plan discussion with one of our in-house Orthodontic Specialists you will have simple records taken and sent to the US where the braces are made according to a precise plan from our Specialist. Through the Invisalign®software our clinician can thenensure the braces are tailor-made to achieve your specific aims.


Snoring is a common problem and your Orthodontic Specialist may not be the first port of call you had considered in managing this condition. Snoring may be masking the signs of a more serious underlying Obstructive Sleep Apnoea condition and if there are any signs this might be the case we can refer you for assessment with a medical colleague who is an expert in this field. The Harley Street Dental Clinic would be delighted to see you for a consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

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