Prosthodontics (Dentures)

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Prosthodontics – the replacement and/or restoration of natural teeth. This includes diagnosis, treatment planning and rehabilitation of the oral function by fixed or removable prostheses and restorations such as crowns, bridges, complete dentures, implant retained/supported restorations

Dental health has improved dramatically over the past three decades. However, teeth that have been filled early in their life are likely to need further treatment at some stage; for some this will simply be replacement of the filling but for others weakened, damaged teeth may require more extensive treatment, or even replacement.

As people are growing older and now keeping their teeth longer, wear of the natural tooth surfaces have also become more of a problem. The prosthodontist can advise and intervene, as early as possible, to manage the extent of wear and restore the appearance and function of the teeth.

The Clinic understands that it can be very traumatic to lose teeth, so it is important to make sure that treatment is prompt, considered and durable. In most cases, there are a number of treatment options and the Clinic believes it is imperative to work through these with the each patient to find the one that is most suitable; possible options to replace or restore teeth include veneers and crowns, bridge work attached to teeth or implants. It is also important that the patient is involved in choosing the shape and colour of the teeth.

Removable dentures need to fit well. Badly fitting dentures can be painful and have a serious impact on confidence and quality of life. The prosthodontist will work painstakingly on the fit and appearance of the denture to allow the patient to be as confident and comfortable as possible.

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