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Endodontic Treatment 

You may be wondering what endodontic treatment is, and why you might need it. You may have been told that you need root canal treatment, but your general dentist believes that an endodontist is best suited to take care of your need. Harley Street Dental Clinic can provide you with the best endodontist in London, and thus take care of your needs in a clinically superior manner. If you're wondering where Harley Street is, simply run a Google search for Harley Street, endodontist, London, and you will find us.

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment typically consists of the removal of inflamed, infected or dead nerve and blood vessel tissue from within the root of the tooth itself, and the replacement of such with a filling material which is either made of resin-based composite material, or rubber-based filling material known as gutta percha. The endodontist gets you numb with local anesthetic, and then, using a drill, enters the tooth. He or she will then use files, either manually or via a rotary system, to help remove the infected, inflamed, and dead nervous tissue from within the tooth and shape it properly for the filling material. In the process, the endodontist is also using a lot if irrigating solution in order to rinse and clean the root's inside surfaces. Once the cleaning and shaping is complete, the endodontist fills the root of the tooth and then places a temporary filling for the crown, or the top part of the tooth. That's a root canal treatment in the most simple form of explanation.

Why would I need a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment may be necessary for a number of reasons. Decay which has entered the nerve and blood vessel system of the tooth and infected this area is one such reason. Trauma, such as that which exposes the nerve of the tooth due to extensive tooth chipping, is another reason. If a tooth has had a number of fillings, on occasion the nerve of the tooth will die due to the repeated trauma, and so a root canal treatment will be necessary in these cases as well. If a healthy tooth needs certain restorative procedures that won't otherwise work without it first receiving root canal treatment, then that is another indication for it. For example, some crowns and partial or modified full dentures require teeth to undergo endodontic treatment before they themselves can be completed.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, we use only the best materials and technologies to ensure that your root canal treatment is painless and successful. Our endodontist is one of the best in the United Kingdom, and will expertly handle your case from start to finish. Root canal treatment is not to be feared, as it was in the past: it is now a highly successful procedure that can restore health, a smile, and confidence to you.

The Harley Street Dental Clinic is one of the leading endodontic treatment clinic, and can be contacted on 020 7486 1059or info@hsdc.net.


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