Harley Street Dental Clinic
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Quote Thank you for everything today.

From reception staff to Professor Bedi - The professionalism and the family feel factor are unmatchable!

We are grateful to have come across your clinic. Quote - Rio


Quote I give Harley Street Dental Clinic 5* for all aspects of their service.

I was recommended by a friend who spoke very highly of the quality of work at the clinic.

I have been treated by 3 of the therapists and I've been blown away with their expertise and professionalism: Mary Shenouda, Nectaria Polycarpou and Prue Preston.

Their care of my teeth has been the best I've ever had in my life. And they are all really caring people too, and have all the time for you that you could possibly want.

The reception staff are excellent too.

OK – you have to pay! But my last dentist was RUBBISH, and I didn't realise. So this clinic gets my vote. It takes me an hour and a half to get here but it's worth it.

Highly recommended. Quote - Malcolm

Fameed Khalique

Quote I am a longstanding patient at the HSDC and have always found the team to be both highly skilled and utterly professional. It is a great comfort to know that every aspect of dentistry is carried out under one roof and that you don't have to go elsewhere for different specialisms. This is a huge benefit when you have problems that require collaborative work by different dentists as they can all liaise directly and efficiently to find the best solutions for the individual concerned. From general dentistry to implants and braces, HSDC has been my go to practice for almost two decades! Quote - Fameed Khalique

Daniel Oware

Quote Harley Street Dental Clinic is the best in the world I would say all your staff are so welcoming and very pleasant, the environment is so relaxing and very comfortable and to crown it all your services are so excellent. Quote - Daniel Oware

Golozar Mirshahi

Quote Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism. I am so happy with the outcome and even happier that you are my dentist!
Thank you again. Quote - Golozar Mirshahi

Dr Elisa Facco

QuoteI just want to say thank you to you, the most amazing doctor and his lovely assistant for all your help and support on the day. It meant very much to me. Once again thank you all very much.Quote - AnonRating

Dr Elisa Facco

Quote I really appreciate the wonderful reception and great treatment that I received.Quote - MosesRating

Dr Elisa Facco
John Whitfield

Quote From the initial consultation, through to my last visit, the whole process has been exemplary. I felt involved in all of the decision processes and given realistic timelines for each stage of my treatment.

I would recommend Dr. Facco to any friend who needs cosmetic dentistry.Quote - John WhitfieldRating

Dr Elisa Facco
Jenny Sirakos

Quote We were really pleased with our experience at Harley Street Dental Clinic. Staff were very friendly and comforting considering we're nervous patients and we were treated more than expected. Definitely looking to continue our treatments with the lovely and wonderful Dr. Elisa. Thank you for everything you've done!!Quote - Jenny SirakosRating

Dr Elisa Facco

Quote The care and attention to detail I have received at the hands of Dr Facco and Nurse Campagnolo has far exceeded my expectations. I came to see them as a result of complications with a wisdom tooth extraction and Dr Facco went to great length in order to rectify the situation which was caused by another doctor. Throughout the process I have received clear explanations with regards to my situation and treatment. The procedures have been carried out with utmost professionalism and follow ups have been regular in order to ensure proper healing. I could not be more pleased. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Dr Facco and Nurse Campagnolo and award them with a five out of five for excellent, friendly service.Quote - AnonRating

Dr Elisa Facco
Alberto Lancerin

Quote I was very lucky to come across Harley Street Dental Clinic, located in the heart of London in the prestigious Harley Street it totally exceeded my expectations. The waiting room at ground floor looks like a reception of a grand hotel, the staff at reception is kind and professional. Treatment rooms are bright and spacious with state of the art equipments.

I am under the care of Dr Elisa Facco and her assistant nurse Giulia Campagnolo.

Dr Facco was recommended to me by one of her patient. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her profession. Since my first appointment she made me feel welcome and relaxed, she always talks me through every procedure and I feel extremely safe in her hands.

I would highly recommend Harley Street Dental Clinic and Dr Elisa Facco to anyone.Quote - Alberto LancerinRating

Dr Facco
David Hodgkiss

Quote I never normally enter surveys or provide testimonials, but in this case I am, because the experience was fantastic and better than one could ever expect!

I give Dr. Faccio 5+. She was kind, considerate, skilful, gentle and professional in all aspects of the treatment. In replacing a filling, she offered me the choice of local anaesthetic or not. I chose the latter route, felt no discomfort at all during the process and felt it was exactly the right choice in the very capable hands of Dr. Faccio.

Her assistant was equally charming and courteous.

An uplifting experience- even though it was at the dental clinic! Quote - David HodgkissRating

Dr Facco
Francesca Tirelli

Quote My experience at the clinic has been very good so far, therefore I'd give a 5! Quote - Maurizio PalumboRating

Dr Facco
Francesca Tirelli

Quote I would like to praise the high standard of professionalism of Dr Facco and her assistant Giulia. They are a great team and they make you feel comfortable from the moment you step in the practice. As a patient, you are given a clear understanding of the problem and Dr Facco takes her time to explain and analyse possible procedures and solutions, while being considered, at the same time, of the patient's worries and opinions.

I am really glad I have found them and give my overall experience a well deserved 5! Quote - Francesca TirelliRating

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Ian Goldstein

Quote I was the first patient to be treated at the new clinic and was very fortunate to have found you! My teeth and gums were not in the best condition, even though I had always regularly attended my local practice. I have to say that with the help of the extremely professional and thorough attention that I have received over the past two years, that my teeth are now in excellent health.

Without the advice and treatment that I have received I am certain that this would have not been the case.

I have no hesitation in saying that the HSDC offers five star service in a very comfortable environment. Quote - Ian GoldsteinRating

Harley Street Dental Clinic

Quote I am very well pleased of the service I experienced in the HSDC by Dr. Elisa Facco and her assistant Giulia Campagnolo. They are both professional and master the art of putting at ease their clients. Also the reception/welcome staff proved to be professional and helpful.Quote - FabioRating

Dr Facco
Karen P

Quote My experience at The Harley Street Dental Clinic with Dr Facco has been very good, the doctor and the assistant have been very patient, kind and professional with me. They always try to find a deal with my necessity about the appointments, also the treatment in the studio is very peaceful and they made me feel very relaxed ( I didn't feel any kind of pain ). I want to bring also my little sister to see the Dr Facco.Quote - Karen PRating

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Marilena Salzone

Quote My experience with Doctor Elisa Facco was excellent, she was great and very professional, I rate her 5. I will definitively come back to see Doctor Elisa Facco.Quote - Marilena SalzoneRating

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Marilena Salzone

Quote I would evaluate the experience with you and dr Facco overall 5/5. Quote - Irene Trasi WalzRating

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Lisette Guittard

Quote My dentist and hygienist really care, not only about my dental health but also, my overall well-being. The staff is friendly and they all, from assistant to dentist, take the time to explain procedures and outcomes.Quote - Lisette GuittardRating

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Mr Ali Al Rasheed

Quote Thank you for giving me this opportunity. All thanks to staff the clinic, actually distinctive clinic in all respects. 5/5 Quote - Mr Ali Al RasheedRating

Harley Street Dental Clinic

Quote My experience has been very good and I would give it a score 5.Quote - CeloRating

Harley Street Dental Clinic

Quote I am very satisfied with the high standards of service at HSDC. I have been involved in the decision making process at every consultation and the information I have been provided has been clearly presented to me, which makes me feel safe and in control of my dental health Quote - Marco

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Ahmed Abdali

Quote I've been a patient since 2013 and the service was nothing but exceptional, the staff are always friendly and the practitioners are very skilled and professional. HSDC is an excellent clinic and I would recommend it to anyone. Quote - Ahmed Abdali

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Luke Hume

Quote My recent visit to the HSDC was well worth the time. The work done by your hygeneist and and the subsequent seal of approval from the Dentist that all was in good order was great news. It is a very professional and well run operation and I shall return. 5/5Quote Regards,
- Luke Hume

Dr Sarah Neale and Jean Claude
Fahad Al-fahad

Quote HSDC (Harley Street Dental Clinic) is quite simply the best dentist I have ever attended. I have been a patient for over 3 years. I'm very grateful for the pain-free treatment and high quality of dental work during this time. The receptionists were amazing, friendly and helpful. I have been telling everyone about this clinic. I'm glad I did. Quite simply, first class from start to finish.Quote - Fahad Al-fahad

Mary Shenouda
Aileen Lauler

Quote Over several years I have been treated by Mary Shemouda.  On every occasion the treatment , care, and expertise has been outstanding her advice  without fail.  Without question I would never consider consulting or being treated by any other dentist, 5 plus! Quote - Aileen LaulerRating

Dr Jean Claude Violides
Stephanie Bidaùd

Quote This place was beyond astounding! Upon my first visit, all staff were extremely welcoming! There are many bilingual speakers here, as I am from an arabic/french background, they also had speakers in my native tongue which was awesome for me! The first person I saw was the hygienist named Junior Duffus, he was extremely amazing and a bubbly character, also amazing at cleaning my teeth, he made sure the pain was very minimal, to be honest I felt no pain. He made sure to thoroughly clean my teeth, and spoke me through different ways of keeping my teeth clean at home, and showed me different methods I never knew of, to clean my teeth with my tooth brush, and also with the floss. Both nicely educational yet rewarding! I never got this treatment before at any other clinic they are more thorough here and take care of your teeth no matter how long it will take- the client is first! Upon another visit, I had fillings, I saw a Dr Jean Claude Violides, he was an extremely friendly and welcoming character, the room was very relaxing, with background soothing music. I usually tend to imagine dentists to be a tension filled room, I am quiet a nervous person when it comes down to these type of procedures as they are very personal, however this was quiet the opposite and he made me feel nerve-free. The procedure although lengthy as it should be, it was a pain free experience which was more than amazing! He limited all feeling in my mouth and carried out the procedure to full standards. I left feeling amazing with new fillings, he advised me of ways to further avoid fillings in the future. I have never had such an experience at a dentists before. I have realised compared to many places I have been to before, the professionalism, attentive care, and friendliness you will experience here, you will definitely not experience elsewhere. Extremely hospitable too (they have tea's coffee and cute glass bottled water!). I recommend this place to all my friends and family, which are all now patients at Harley Street Clinic now. There is a will and there is a way, the way is to go to this clinic if you ever need anything dental related! Quote - Stephanie Bidaùd

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Dr. Noor Baqader

Quote In my point of view Harley Dentist Clinic is one of the best dentist clinics in London. I usually have been to them for normal check up every six months. I like the way they treat their clients starting from arranging appointment, the way they reminding you via emails, text, and calls. I am gratefully would like to thank every one in HSDC and special thanks to Dr. Pop (Robert McLelland) who is one of the best dentist in HSDC. He returned to me my bright smile after 10 years of waiting to find a great and an expert dentist to fix my front tooth crown. And now I can freely smile without worrying about how my smile will look like when I am laughing or taking photos. HSDC Thank you. Quote - Dr. Noor Baqader

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Mohammed Aldholmi

Quote HSDC is the best dental clinic I have seen. It has very kind and helpful staff and dentists. More important, they speak diverse languages and give patients all the necessary information about their dental health. I have oral hygiene in this clinic every three to six months and that keeps my teeth clean and nice. The most important thing is that they have an agreement with a broad range of health insurance companies and they contact them in behalf of patients. Quote - Mohammed Aldholmi

Harley Street Dental Clinic
Mohammed Aldholmi

Quote HSDC is the best dental clinic I have seen. It has very kind and helpful staff and dentists. More important, they speak diverse languages and give patients all the necessary information about their dental health. I have oral hygiene in this clinic every three to six months and that keeps my teeth clean and nice. The most important thing is that they have an agreement with a broad range of health insurance companies and they contact them in behalf of patients.

I can see they deserve 5 over 5 based on my experience.

Thank you. Quote - Mohammed Aldholmi

Harley Street Dental Clinic
habosha jamal

Quote The service is excellent and they are helpful. I always chose them. Quote - habosha jamal

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