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One of the most common reasons for patients not seeking treatment for crooked teeth is being self conscious about wearing conventional, metal braces. Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, and in particular in teeth straightening options, patients are now able to opt for services such as clear braces. Harley Street Dental Clinic are able to offer a wide range of braces and orthodontics to get you that straighter smile you always dreamed of.

Whether you have gaps in your teeth, a crooked tooth, crowded teeth on one arch, or even both arches, our Specialist Orthodontists in Harley Street have transformed countless smiles using Orthodontics and Clear Braces. The results are stunning, take a look at some of our patients on our Smile Album page, or read testimonials about the service on our Reviews page. Not only are the end results great, but the patient journey is also much improved compared to traditional brace methods.

Clear braces offer the patient confidence whilst they are wearing them, as they are barely visible and made to blend more naturally with your teeth. This fits in with their busy lifestyles, especially in professions where confidence in how you look plays a big part.

Getting your teeth straightened is not just a cosmetic improvement either. Patients who have benefitted from receiving clear braces at Harley Street Dental Clinic also enjoy improved oral health, as the gaps in teeth can often create unhealthy pockets for bacteria to build, and crooked teeth are harder to brush effectively.

Our Specialist Orthodontists at our Harley Street practice are able to provide treatment above the usual dentist, having received extensive training in Orthodontics and Teeth Straightening. During an orthodontic consultation, our Specialists will be able to examine your teeth and mouth, giving an expert opinion on the solutions that will suit you best. This could be clear braces, or other brace options.

Not only do our patients have access to specialist orthodontists in Harley Street, they also can benefit from our range of specialists across many fields of dentistry. This means we are able to offer a range of advanced dental treatments in-house, without needing to refer you to someone else.

If you would like to discuss having clear braces at Harley Street Dental Clinic, or any other treatment, book an appointment with our friendly team today.

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