Getting things straight – for you and your teeth

Deciding to get your teeth straightened is a big step for many people. At Harley Street Dental, we want to make the decision easier by providing you with treatment options and skilled advice before you even start. We offer a free consultation to those who are considering orthodontics in Harley Street.

orthodontics-in-harley-streetOrthodontics is a special field in dentistry that deals with sorting out misaligned teeth, correcting bites issues and closing gaps. Work of this nature requires careful planning to apply the correct amount of force in the right places and predict the behaviour of the teeth so that any issues with the final placement are solved in advance. For some people, for example, this might mean the removal of a tooth to make room for the other teeth to straighten out.

When you have orthodontics in Harley Street, we can let you have all the information you want about your plan and give you the reasons why we take each step so you feel in control along the way.  Remember to ask any questions you want to at your consultation or at any step along the way.

Many people experience benefits outside of aesthetics when they have orthodontics in Harley Street. Some bite issues can cause uneven wear on the teeth or even problems with the jaw muscles which can lead to neck, shoulder or even referred back pain. All of this can be alleviated with the correct repositioning. Also, straight teeth are generally easier to take care of and to clean so the chances are good that you will experience better oral hygiene after treatment.

Whatever orthodontics you have, you will need to visit your dentist quite often during the process so it is vital that you feel comfortable and happy doing so. We do everything we can to give you a good experience every time. We want you to look forward to coming because you know you are getting closer to the result you want.

Our team are friendly and professional with excellent orthodontic knowledge which means you can trust that you are getting fast, comfortable and well thought out treatment. Book your free consultation today to begin the journey with Harley Street Dental.