Why a cosmetic dentist should always be consulted for teeth whitening treatment

If you’ve stumbled on this post searching for teeth whitening treatment in London, you may wonder if a cosmetic dentist is really necessary. After all, aren’t there lots of products available over the counter or from the internet promising to whiten teeth? And doesn’t the beauty salon down the road offer cheaper treatment? At Harley Street Dental Clinic we believe that it is vital to consult a dentist before starting teeth whitening treatment.

teeth whitening treatmentA cosmetic dentist will only use teeth whitening products that are tried, tested and safe. The products that are used by dental clinics, including our Harley Street practice, are renowned for their high quality and reliability, and have been subjected to intensive testing before being deemed safe to market.

It is true that there are many products available online and from shops and beauty salons that claim to give you whiter teeth. However, these are very unlikely to have been tested as extensively as those used by the cosmetic dentists here at our Harley Street practice.

In the best-case scenario, these products simply won’t have an effect. You will have wasted both time and money and your teeth will still be stained. Some of these unregulated products can, however, be dangerous, especially without a dentist’s instruction on how to use them properly. They can increase sensitivity or even damage your teeth, gums or mouth.

Teeth whitening treatment should only be carried out on healthy teeth, as with any cosmetic dental procedure. When you come for a consultation with a cosmetic dentist at our Harley Street clinic, they will examine your teeth first, and will treat any health problems such as gum disease or tooth decay before starting whitening treatment. This helps decrease the risk of sensitivity during treatment.

Harley Street Dental Clinic offers two teeth whitening options: power whitening from a cosmetic dentist here in the practice, and home whitening using special, custom-made teeth whitening trays.