Why you need a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening treatment

Do I really need to see a cosmetic dentist to have tooth whitening treatment? That’s a question that some patients ask themselves, tempted by whitening products available on the high street or from the internet. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we would always urge you to consult a cosmetic dentist before undertaking whitening treatment – for the sake of your smile and your health.

teeth whitening treatmentTeeth whitening treatment is one of the most common procedures a cosmetic dentist will be asked to carry out. It involves the use of special dental bleaching gel to remove the everyday stains that build up on the teeth thanks to drinks such as red wine, tea, and coffee, as well as through smoking and as a side effect of taking some medicines.

When carried out by an experienced cosmetic dentist, teeth whitening is safe, fast and predictable. At our Harley Street clinic we offer three teeth whitening options: home whitening, power whitening here in the practice, or a combination of both. Your dentist will talk you through all the options so that you can decide on the best one for you at your initial consultation.

One of the most important things to remember about teeth whitening is that it should only be carried out on a healthy mouth. If you have tooth decay, gum disease or any other oral health problems, these should be treated prior to starting teeth whitening, to help prevent complications such as sensitivity.

The experienced dental team here at our Harley Street clinic can diagnose and treat any health problems before you start your whitening treatment. We have a team of specialists under one roof who can help with both major and minor oral health issues.

Products used by the cosmetic dentists at our Harley Street clinic have been rigorously tested and proven to be safe and effective. Those available elsewhere are unlikely to have been subject to such intensive testing, and could actually damage your teeth or gums.