A dentist for every occasion

Life never seems to go according to our plans. Many people may find this a sad truth; we don’t plan to lose one or several teeth, we don’t plan on needing a root canal somewhere in the near future, nor do we plan on accidentally chipping a tooth, but this is the way of life, these things just happen. We at Harley Street Dental Clinic know that while you may plan for a regular check-up twice a year, when you need a dentist in Harley Street the most, it’s not usually something you plan for, so knowing what we can do for you when you need us is key to not panicking when life gets in the way of your plans.


Services to suit you

We have a long list of services on offer that can help on the occasion of an unplanned trip to the dentist, no matter what it is; if you’ve chipped a tooth or have a pain that isn’t going away, we can help you.

Emergency dentistry – this is the one occurrence that absolutely no one plans for, while you may think about getting dental implants over the course of a few months, you don’t think about what you will do if you end up in an accident of some kind and need a dentist quickly. Our team is available for any emergency like one or more teeth being knocked out, severe pain or bleeding or even a ruptured abscess, whatever the emergency and if it absolutely cannot wait, there is someone to take your call.

Missing teeth – perhaps you’ve ignored a loose tooth for a while and it’s decayed and fallen out, or maybe you’ve had a tooth knocked out or old age has got the better of you. We can create bridges and dentures to restore your smile to its former glory so you can continue with your plans.

Dental implant – this is a permanent and fixed solution for missing teeth whether it’s one tooth or a few in a row, dental implants can last a lifetime and restore your smile and give you the confidence to continue with life as usual without worrying about gaps or dentures falling out.

Facial aesthetics – no one thinks about it until their thirties when one day you wake up and your sleep wrinkles no longer fade over the course of the morning or your laugh lines remain permanently etched into your skin, but ageing happens while we try to get on with our plans whether we like it or not and so you may want to consider a quick dermal filler as a solution to unplanned drooping or loss in volume.

Preventive dentistry – maybe some of you are worried about being taken by surprise and would rather prevent an unplanned trip to the dentist in Harley Street. We offer dental hygiene, gum treatments, can investigate and treat bad breath, treat sensitive teeth, fix jaw problems and should you fall pregnant, we can make sure that your hormone changes are not affecting your oral health.