A patient-centric dental clinic in W1

Our philosophy at Harley Street Dental Clinic is to put you first, making sure that we not only listen to your needs but deliver on them too. As a motivated team of dedicated dental professionals, we invest in technologies, developments and materials to ensure you receive good quality care.

Dental Clinic in W1In partnership with you

As your dental clinic in W1, we aim to create a partnership with you. It’s important that we fully understand your needs, including whether you feel nervous coming to see us. In doing so, we can provide you with clear, easy to understand information on your oral health and any treatments you may be needing. By keeping accurate, up-to-date records, we also create continuity of care, so our approach is personalised to you.

Our team

We offer treatments from hygiene appointments through to more extensive restorative treatments, such as dental implants. Our extensive team, many with special interests and qualifications in particular areas of dentistry, ensure they keep abreast of any new development or techniques in their areas of interest.

This breadth of knowledge, understanding and experience means that you can receive any dental treatment you will need with one clinic. This is supportive for all our patients, especially anyone who experiences fear and anxiety visiting the dentist. Since it will be the same familiar surgery that understands your needs, you will never need to explain, we will already know how to respond to you, so we can plan your treatment journey together, looking at what steps will be taken to manage your anxiety.

You’ll be able to watch or listen to entertainment if this will help, we can develop hand signals with you, so, if you require a break, you can let us know. There are also several sedation choices from gas and air (RA sedation) through to intravenous options. These will be discussed with you and decided upon, depending on the level of your nerves balanced with the type of treatment you will be having.

Visiting your dental clinic in W1 should be a pleasure, one in which you know you will be taken care of. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we strive to ensure just that.