Are dental implants worth it?

Feeling shy about missing one or multiple teeth is only the tip of the iceberg with regard to the dental issues you’ll face in the future.


Replacing your teeth when you lose them through an injury or decay is essential, as not doing so could result in speech issues and biting problems that can make your diet seriously restricted.

One very popular method of tooth restoration is that of dental implants in Harley Street. Tooth implants are tooth roots that look and function like real pearly whites.

In this article, we’ll discuss why our clinic, Harley Street Dental Clinic fully endorses dental implants in Harley Street and how they can change your quality of life for the better.

The reasons why we recommend implants

Earlier, we mentioned that tooth implants replace your absent teeth at the root. The impact of this is far reaching, because your teeth aren’t just visibly attractive, but also this type of restoration won’t impede your speech or cause issues with chewing. Not only that, but the jaw underneath is exercised. A stimulated jaw is important because it prevents bone degeneration and further tooth loss.

Why would you choose tooth implants over dentures?

The cost of treatment will undoubtedly impact your decision about the prosthesis that you decide upon, and while dental implants are more expensive, they provide you with numerous life-changing benefits.

Implants are convenient because they do not require additional teeth-cleaning requirements, unlike dentures which require you to clean your appliance with specialised cleaning solvents regularly. However, it’s important that you prioritise your dental health and hygiene.

Dental implants in Harley Street can last a long time. While it’s impossible to guarantee that these prostheses last forever, you might not need ever to replace them if you take proper care of them. Dentures, while long-lasting, must be replaced to remain effective.

Dental implants are firmly secured in your mouth and won’t fall out. In fact, the only way implants can be removed is by a dental practitioner. On the other hand, if dentures are worn or faulty, they can slip out of place at inopportune moments.

You can eat the foods you enjoy within reason, bearing in mind that certain types of food are not good for your teeth. Your prosthesis is durable and won’t break after making contact with hard or chewy foods.

Can anyone get implants?

The outcome for most dental implant surgeries is successful because there are strict health measures in place.

You have to be cleared as medically fit and healthy before you can undergo surgery, which requires you to have healthy gums and enough jawbone to insert the implant. If you have conditions with either your gums or jaw, you can undergo additional procedures to make implantology possible.

These procedures include professional cleaning to remove the plaque and hardened tartar that causes gingivitis. You can also undergo bone grafts, which involve a bone transplant to your jaw to supplement the missing bone.

Will implants hurt?

Patients will feel some level of discomfort afterwards, but this is temporary and will disappear after a few days. You can also take painkillers to manage pain. Many people are concerned about how they’ll be impacted during the surgery. Luckily, anaesthesia is used to block the worst of the pain, and sedatives can be administered to extremely anxious individuals.