Can you benefit from orthodontic treatment? What your orthodontist in Harley Street wants you to know

Due to the fact that teeth positioning can be manipulated into desired alignment at any age,  orthodontic treatments are suitable for children and adolescents as well as adults. The availability of discreet teeth correcting instruments, such as fixed clear braces and removable clear plastic aligners, have provided a way for adults to take a proactive approach to orthodontic treatment without having to feel self-conscious about it. Our orthodontist in Harley Street will carry out a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the condition causing concern and provide the pros and cons of all suitable dental treatments available.

Orthodontist in Harley StreetReasons for orthodontic treatments

The reasons patients opt for orthodontic treatment vary. This service in dentistry is used to correct dental problems, improve medical conditions and help patients look their best. The following practical benefits provide answers to the varied range of goals and objectives of orthodontics:

  1. Improving one’s appearance

Aesthetics is a significant factor in many orthodontic cases. This is because much depends on our patients looking their best. Appearance influences self-esteem which in turn impacts on their career choice, promotions, choice in partner and even extends to influencing income level. When so much depends on creating positive first impressions, it is no wonder that our patients embrace technologies and treatments that will give them their best looking smile.

It is a sad fact that appearance can also be the cause of psychological problems, particularly in children. Children experience emotional trauma when bullied or teased for having crooked teeth or a bad bite. Orthodontics can benefit children with conditions of teeth and jaw misalignment to prevent them from experiencing the cruelty of others. Need an orthodontist in Harley Street to provide orthodontic services to help your child? Book an appointment at Harley Street Dental Clinic

For other patients, it is not the opinion of others that matter so much as how they see themselves when looking in the mirror that motivates them to seek treatment.

  1. Prevention and treatment of medical or dental conditions

While aesthetic benefits are more commonly associated with orthodontics, the benefits offered to dental conditions are far reaching.

  • Opting for orthodontic treatment first can enhance restorative procedures

Many patients can achieve better results with procedures such as tooth implants or dental veneers after having corrected teeth alignment issues.

  • Better oral health

Cleaning teeth produces optimal results when teeth are straightened. Food particles are less likely to get wedged between teeth. Teeth that are correctly spaced and aligned are far easier to clean and keep clean, preventing issues such as tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease from developing.

  • Improved quality of sleep

Some sleep disorders arise from an incorrect bite and misaligned dental arches. Treatment solutions such as the wearing of dental braces can help correct these issues which interrupt sleep.

Whether you seek orthodontic treatment for aesthetic purposes or to treat a dental issue, it is important to understand what the process involves, your goals, the role you play and the results that can be obtained. Schedule an appointment at Harley street dental clinic and one of our trained dental practitioners will be happy to discuss with you all available orthodontic options so you can make an informed decision.