Daily use of Invisalign; FAQs answered

Do you want to use invisible aligners to straighten your smile but have some questions about their everyday use?


At Harley Street Dental, our team is proud to offer our suitable patients Invisalign Harley Street and have the expertise to answer any questions that you may have about this aligner.

Below, our team answers some of the most common questions we receive about the daily use of Invisalign Harley Street. So, read on and enjoy!

Can you smoke whilst wearing invisible aligners?

You should refrain from smoking when using Invisalign Harley Street.

Not only does smoking cause the aligners to become stained due to nicotine, but it also increases the chances of you developing gum disease and oral cancers.

Should I brush my teeth all the time with invisible aligners?

Whenever you use a brace or aligner, your dental hygiene will have to improve to ensure that your teeth and gums do not become damaged.

And so, when you remove your aligners to eat, you will need to give your teeth a quick brush before you put the aligners back in. And yes, that does include when you are at work or out with friends!

This will prevent any food debris from being pushed against your teeth and will, therefore, minimise the occurrence of cavities.

What are chewies and how do they help?

Chewies are relatively new to the world of aligners, and they only have one real purpose: to help your aligners track well with your teeth.

When you put your aligners in, you may notice that they are a bit fiddly to get into place around your mouth. Therefore, chewies, which resemble earplugs but longer, are used to ensure that your aligner sits in the right place, helping your teeth reap the benefits of the appliance.

I have a stain on my aligner; what should I do?

Stains on aligners are nothing short of a nuisance; how can an aligner be invisible if it is stained?!

Should you have a stained aligner, there are a few things you can do. First, gently brush the stain with a soft-bristled toothbrush and some toothpaste; do not use mouthwash as this can stain the aligners even more. Never rinse your aligner under a hot tap since this could cause them to warp.

Should the stain persist, you can invest in a cleaner designed especially for Invisalign aligners. But remember, each aligner is usually worn for about 2 weeks, so if the stain doesn’t seem to leave, you won’t have to suffer with it for long.

My aligners hurt my inner cheeks; how do I manage this?

Since invisible aligners are made from 3D printed plastic, chances are that when you first receive them or begin wearing a new aligner in the series, there will be a bit of rubbing and soreness.

However, to mitigate this, our team recommends using dental wax. Dental wax is a malleable wax that can be placed over the sharper, hard parts of the aligner to cushion the softer tissues of the mouth. Use the wax until the plastic on the aligner naturally wears down, which will usually occur in a few days.