Dental hygiene Harley Street: creating a more comfortable experience

Visiting the dentist, no matter what your age, can sometimes be a little overwhelming and therefore pushing the appointments back or removing them entirely from your schedule can be a habit you fall into. Whilst at Harley Street we understand that the dental practice is not the same as going to a funfair, working with you to provide you with the most comfortable and rewarding experience possible is our aim.

So, how do we achieve this?


What the eye sees makes a huge difference to our emotional response and therefore rather than walking into a cold, clinical setting at the entrance, we have ensured that even just by stepping through the doors you are rewarded with a warm and homely environment. This combined with our friendly, approachable dental team, from receptionist through to dentist, helps to reinforce this positive experience even further. Positive reinforcement is of the utmost importance and therefore our dental team strives to create a beneficial experience for every visit, no matter how basic your dental visit may be.

Whilst the environment that you enter on a visual basis is greatly important, it is also of huge importance that our dental team gets to know you. Whilst we may not need to know your favourite colour or film, understanding your dreams in terms of your smile and how your day- to-day life impacts your overall oral health is something we will need to know. Therefore when you choose to join Harley Street Dental Clinic you are becoming part of the team. Your dental hygiene Harley Street requires your dedication as well as that of your dental team, so getting to know each other is of great importance to provide you with the best possible care.

Answering your questions

We have all had that feeling of walking into a place filled with relevant questions, but when asked directly about what they are, the mind has wandered and emptied. This feeling, although frustrating, does not need to hinder your appointment. It may be that we address your questions through our general chatting or it may be that you contact us outside of your appointment and leave it with us to get back to you. At all times it is important for you to understand and be knowledgeable to a certain degree on whatever treatments and procedures you may be undergoing. From your regular dental hygiene Harley Street appointment through to cosmetic procedures and preventive dentistry. No matter what it is you are visiting for, your dental team wants to ensure that you are aware of all aspects of the process and are comfortable and happy with your care.

Emergency appointments

Although we all hope that no one needs an emergency appointment, in reality this of course does not happen. Once again there is no need to feel uneasy about attending an emergency appointment. As soon as the damage or pain occurs contact our friendly team and you will be seen within hours. Looking after your oral health and keeping on top of your dental hygiene Harley Street is our aim and therefore we are here to support you throughout it all.