Do lip fillers cause allergic reactions? Common queries addressed by Harley Street Dental

Looking for a safe and effective way to revitalise your face?


In recent years, more and more dental teams have undertaken a bit of additional training to be able to offer their patients non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, and our team at Harley Street is no exception. 

We are proud to be able to offer our patients a myriad of facial aesthetics, ranging from fillers to chemical peels to help you feel refreshed and pleased with your appearance.

One of our most popular treatments are undoubtedly lip fillers in Harley Street. Small injections to the oral area can help the lips appear plumped and larger, without looking to fake. And best of all, our dedicated team can perform this procedure in less than an hour, so you can conveniently slot it in around other commitments. Fantastic!

Curious to learn more about lip fillers in Harley Street? Here, our team answers your top 5 FAQs.

What are they and how do they work?

The fillers that our team uses in Harley Street are composed of (primarily) hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring protein which helps the surface of the skin appear plump and smooth, but reduces with age. Our lip fillers in Harley Street involve injecting this protein underneath the skin to give your lips an instant boost.

Can they cause an allergic reaction?

It is exceedingly unlikely that the fillers we use in Harley Street will cause an allergic reaction.

As mentioned before, they are made from naturally occurring proteins. Although these proteins are synthetically sourced, they are considered biologically inert, meaning there should be no immune system response when they are injected.

However, oddities can and do happen; if after your injections you feel woozy, dizzy or have issues breathing, our team will remove the fillers.

Will the injection site bruise?

In a word, yes, some bruising will occur at the injection site.

Your lips will also swell, feel sore and may look a bit more cartoonish than you would like. But this is temporary and after 48 hours, the swelling should reduce and your lips will look and feel more relaxed.

When will the effects wear off?

Most types of dermal fillers last from 6-8 months but this can vary depending on your age and lifestyle factors.

If you notice that your lips are beginning to appear wrinkled or losing their plumpness, our team can reapply your fillers 12 months after the first set was applied.

Is there any aftercare I need to know about?

Once your fillers are injected, try to refrain from putting any harsh pressure onto your lips for at least 24 hours; gentle kissing only! No massages and avoid wearing lipstick or applying lip balm.

Such actions can cause the fillers to move under the skin, creating an uneven appearance once the swelling resides.

Eat softer foods and avoid sunbeds or sunbathing for at least 48 hours until the fillers have settled. Also, try to drink plenty of water and avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.