Do you have stained teeth?

If so, you’re not alone says Colgate Oral Care Center; we all know that red wine and black coffee stain teeth, but there are a few other food you may be surprised to hear also make that list: pasta sauce, curry, balsamic vinegar, and berries are also culprits that are determined to discolour our pearly whites. Most people are regular consumers of at least one of the above foods and drinks, so it stands to reason that a high percentage of people will have stained teeth. In addition, people who smoke are known to have teeth stains, due to the tar and nicotine that’s found in tobacco. antibiotics and other medicines can also cause discolouration in the teeth.

stained-teethReclaim that killer smile with a dentist in Harley Street

London dentist Harley Street Dental Clinic can help you get a dazzling smile with their teeth whitening options. The clinic has a number of teeth whitening treatments that patients can choose from, they include treatments that can be undertaken at the location of the Harley Street dentist clinic, and a whitening option that patients can administer themselves at home. Power Teeth Whitening is a procedure carried out from the dental chair at the clinic, it involves the use of a lamp to kick start the whitening process, and your teeth will appear whiter is just one hour. The dentist at Harley Street also offers a Home Whitening kit that includes whitening gel and a mouth guard, the gel is put into the mouth guard and the guard is placed into the mouth for a few hours on an evening, usually over a two week period. The colour and condition of your teeth to begin with will determined the results of both whitening treatments.

So there you have it; you may have stained teeth that no longer sparkle, however the Harley Street dentist has a solution with their teeth whitening treatments. For more information on teeth whitening at Harley Street Dental Clinic, please contact the practice, or send them a picture of your teeth by using their Smile Simulator contact form.You can have that perfect smile again!