General treatments are the backbone of oral health

All the bells and whistles of cosmetic dentistry can make for a fabulous smile, but only if the mouth it is housed in is in great condition. There’s very little point in spending a fortune on veneers, or teeth whitening if your gums are diseased or your teeth are decaying.

That’s why, here at Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street, we strongly encourage everyone to come for bi-annual check-ups. Check-ups form the foundation of all general treatments. They are when we get to see if everything is going well in your mouth. If so, great. If not, let’s move onto booking you in for the right general treatment to sort out your oral health issue.

General Treatments in Harley StreetWhat are general treatments?

Dealing with decay

Decay needs to be dealt with quickly, so that it does not eat away at more of your tooth material. Here, we use white fillings to replace decayed tooth material. This is made from a mixture of plastic and glass. White fillings do not require the removal of so much healthy tooth material as amalgam so your teeth remain stronger. White fillings also bond with the tooth, creating a seamless filling that keeps out decay-causing bacteria very effectively. Also, the filling can be sculpted to give you back your lost chewing contours on your back teeth.

We can also help prevent decay in children by treating their teeth with fluoride to make the enamel stronger. As well as this, we can also paint their back teeth with fissure sealants to stop bacteria getting at the enamel in the first place.


If the crowns of your teeth are starting to fail, but the root is still healthy, we can cover the crown with an artificial cap, also called a crown. This can extend the life of your tooth by years.


If you do lose teeth, we can also replace them with partial or full dentures. These are artificial teeth on a plate that you remove at night to clean, and to rest your gums.

Book a check-up today

If it’s been a while since you last had your teeth checked, then come and see us as soon as possible.