How your dentist can create realistic tooth restorations

There are many ways a dentist can restore damaged teeth, or create realistic replacements for teeth that are missing. Harley Street Dental Clinic offers the services of a specialist prosthodontist – a dental professional who makes tooth restorations – and welcomes new patients for consultations. Whatever restorative option you choose, you can rest assured that your tooth repairs or replacements will be individually crafted to look both beautiful and natural.

tooth-restorationA dentist will always advise you that missing teeth should be replaced, and damaged teeth should be restored. Missing teeth can cause problems with your oral and general health, as well as with your self-esteem and confidence. Even mildly damaged teeth can allow bacteria to enter the centre of the teeth, which can lead to infection and dental abscesses, and without intervention such as root canal treatment can even cause tooth loss.

The best restoration for your tooth or teeth will depend on your personal circumstances, clinical requirements, and any preferences you may have. At Harley Street Dental Clinic your dentist will perform a detailed examination and will talk through all the relevant ways to repair or replace your teeth.

If you have already developed an infection due to broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth, our Harley Street clinic contains a unique collection of specialists and professionals who can carry out even complex root canal procedures, which are pain-free and essential to saving your tooth.

Broken teeth

There are a number of options to repair broken teeth at our Harley Street clinic. These include:

Veneers – Thin porcelain shells that are used in smile makeovers, and can also improve the appearance of and reinforce a chipped tooth.

White fillings – Strong composite material is used to restore teeth.

Crowns – For additional strength, a tooth-coloured crown may be placed.

Missing teeth

Dentures – Modern dentures are very realistic in terms of function and appearance.

Bridges – Bridgework replaces one or a few adjacent teeth. Your dentist will ensure your bridge looks very natural.

Dental implants – Dental implants are the only way your dentist can replace the tooth roots. They can then support a denture, bridge, or crown.