Making your Dental Implants Last

Over the years, dental implants have served as great alternatives to traditional dentures in replacing missing teeth. Due to their advanced technology, these permanent placements can function like your natural teeth and prove far stronger than any other dental restoration.

dental implantsCommonly referred to as “artificial teeth”, implants are actually artificial “roots” made of titanium. They are screwed into the bone, which in time, will fuse to the implants. We restore this stable foundation with a crown, bridge or denture.

Just as you would with your original teeth, you must take care of them. They may be tough as the natural enamel, but they demand extra attention and care to avoid complications. Fortunately, to do this, you only need to exercise good oral hygiene and enforce a healthy lifestyle.

Brushing and flossing

As with your real teeth, brush and floss the implants at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Try to clean every corner and area thoroughly yet gently, as harsh brushing can damage the implants.

Diet and lifestyle

Subscribing to a healthy lifestyle will keep your implants in great condition. To do this, avoid extreme-temperature and teeth-staining foods and beverages. We also advise that you avoid vices, such as alcohol and cigarette. If you are a regular smoker and drinker, now is the right time to quit.

If you frequently play sports or are a generally physically active person, secure your implants with oral appliances, like mouth guards. Wearing them in your sleep may also keep bruxism, or teeth grinding, from wearing your implants.

Dental checkups and cleaning

Checking in with your dentist every now and then is important. Generally, implants are tough, but they are susceptible to wear. Our dentists can carry out a thorough assessment of the implants’ condition and provide treatment if problems are detected.

Effective care for your implants only calls for patience and discipline. By breaking unhealthy habits and exercising proper oral hygiene, your dental implants are bound to last and serve as long-term support for your mouth.

If you require a more advanced approach in maintaining your implants, we are more than willing to assist. Contact Harley Street Dental Clinic today.