Missing teeth? Here’s what your dentist can do

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, our dentists have many options for patients with one or more missing teeth. There are many reasons patients lose teeth, from gum disease to accident or injury. Whatever the reason, we believe it is essential to replace missing teeth, first and foremost to ensure you have confidence in your smile, but also for the benefit of your general health.

dental implantsWhen teeth are lost, the bone and gums beneath any gaps slowly starts to recede, which can lead to a sagging appearance in the face. You may also struggle to eat a healthy, balanced diet, and any remaining teeth may become crooked and harder to clean by moving into the spaces left by missing teeth.

If you lose a tooth you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we are sometimes able to reinsert your tooth in the socket if it has been knocked out in an accident. Even if you have been missing teeth for some time, our experienced dental team will be able to replace them.

There are many options for tooth replacement and, after examining your mouth, your dentist will go through all the options with you. This may include bridges, dentures or dental implants.

Dental implants are the only permanent solution to missing teeth, and at our Harley Street practice our dentists are highly experienced in the latest implant techniques. Implants are small titanium screws placed directly in the jaw bone, where they integrate with the bone and act as replacement tooth roots, providing firm support for new teeth in the form of dentures, bridges or crowns.

Even if your dentist has told you that you are not suitable for dental implant treatment because you have suffered bone loss, our Harley Street dentists can help, using bone graft or sinus lift procedures to restore you bone.