Reasons why you should choose us as your family dental clinic

Choosing a dentist isn’t a decision that can be made lightly, especially if you’re after an oral health practitioner who can treat all your loved ones with the utmost precision and care.


Our team at Harley Dental aren’t just imbued with the knowledge to address your dental health issues, but we’re also highly personable and empathetic. We understand that visiting the dentist is an activity enjoyed by a few, which is why we make it our priority to ensure that your appointment with us runs smoothly. In the below, we’ll discuss how we aim to make your time with us as pleasant as possible at the dentist in Harley Street.

We’ve created a safe and calming environment

Dental anxiety is an all-too-common side effect of a traumatic experience, which is something we don’t treat seriously.

Our doctors are specialised in attending to patients who suffer from panic, terror or fear associated with seeing the dentist in Harley Street.

We’ll talk you through your fear and fully explain the steps of the procedure that you’ll be undergoing. We’ll discuss approaches you can use to remain calm, which includes listening to music, watching a movie, or following deep breathing techniques.

Conscious sedation is another alternative if the above-mentioned holistic approaches don’t relax you.

Our practice is eye-catching, comfortable and clean

Our clients love the charming Georgian-style exterior of our practice, not to mention the cosy interiors and warm greetings extended by a friendly team of receptionists.

Grab a beverage and find something to read before your appointment. Our bright and airy waiting room features various seating arrangements to keep you comfortable.

We provide a personalised service

Your dental problems are unique to you, which is why we provide customised sets of treatments taking into account your budget, preferences, wants, and fears.

Our treatment menu is comprehensive

Ranging from cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, through to preventative dentistry, we offer a wide selection of treatments, administered by top professionals at the dentist in Harley Street.

Below you’ll find brief descriptions of our top treatments.

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment that lightens the shade of your teeth. Tough stains and marks are removed from the surfaces of your pearly whites using Hydrogen Peroxide in one or two dental appointments.

Dental implants are a groundbreaking restoration treatment that replaces absent teeth at the root. It’s popular among people who’ve suffered both minor and significant teeth loss.

If there is one thing we know, it’s that you’re never too old for braces. Our onsite orthodontist will find the most suitable straightening aid for your unique orthodontic issue.

We’re for kids! Preventative dental care starts early, so the sooner your children begin to see us, the chances of obtaining severe issues as adults are significantly reduced. We commonly treat our little patients using fluoride application and routine checkups to keep their milk teeth healthy and strong. 

We attend to emergency dental work as quickly as possible, working hard to preserve your damaged teeth while relieving accompanying pain.