Replace your metal fillings with white fillings in Harley Street

A few decades ago, metal fillings were the norm in restorative dentistry. Also known as dental amalgams, metal fillings are traditionally black or silver in colour and are made of liquid mercury and metal alloys. Amalgam used to be very popular because of its strength and resilience. However, the presence of mercury in their composition has made them unpopular among patients.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, we can improve the aesthetic look of your smile by having your metal-coloured fillings replaced with tooth-coloured or white fillings. This is a quick and safe procedure, which involves your Harley Street dentist cleaning your tooth thoroughly, removing any decay, taking out the amalgam and replacing it with a strong and durable white filling. This process will free your smile from metallic gleams and give your teeth a more natural appearance.

white-fillings-in-harley-streetDisadvantages of metal fillings

Although it has been concluded that metal mercury fillings are not harmful to your health, a lot of problems can occur beneath these old fillings. Because metal fillings are impervious to X-rays, your Harley Street dentist cannot see any damage below the filling until it is very extensive. Sometimes, this can mean the need for root canal treatment.

Amalgam fillings do not prevent teeth from cracking. This is because they are not strong enough to protect your teeth. A metal filling in a tooth acts like a wedge, and every time you chew the pressure is transmitted to the rest of your teeth. If the filling covers more than half of the width of the tooth, it is quite likely that the tooth is going to crack, break or chip.

Unlike metal fillings, white fillings made of composite material blend with the rest of your teeth for a natural appearance. Moreover, white fillings are minimally invasive, since they require very little of the tooth structure to be removed, offering maximum stability.

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