Straighter teeth without the brace? Consider clear braces W1

There are many reasons why a patient may not have received the orthodontic care they require earlier in life; one of them is that they may have been concerned about how they will be perceived in a brace. But did you know there are lots of options that are unlikely to be noticed in public, like clear braces W1?


Often, adult orthodontic patients have concerns over how their appearance will be affected by the treatment not only upon completion but throughout the procedure. There seems to be a higher tolerance amongst teenage and adolescent patients to wait out their treatment in order to enjoy the results of well-proportioned, aligned and meshing teeth. But, with adults who have pressing responsibilities (perhaps that necessitate them to carry out professional meetings or public speaking), the idea of inconspicuous alignment methods is a calming thought.

Clear braces W1 are polymer ceramic braces constructed so the archwires are kept as thin as possible and the translucent brackets allow them to seamlessly blend with the rest of your teeth. They are fitted as discreetly as possible to give you the full capacity of treatment from a traditional brace with the subtlety that you would normally only see with clear aligners. Clear braces W1 can be an excellent middle ground for those with moderate to severe orthodontic needs but who do not wish to use more extensive braces or headgear.

So, if you are looking for low-impact tooth realignment and have been rejected as a suitable candidate for aligners, these translucent braces may be exactly what you need. Our dental team, at Harley Street Dental Clinic, has extensive experience in fitting and maintaining these braces and a long track record of proven work whose portfolios are openly available upon request.

We are excited to provide several clear or invisible brace systems at our clinic and provide our patients with the confidence and care they require. Exactly which option would be more appropriate for you will be discussed after a full assessment as each clinical case is different and any advice would have to be tailored to you.

There are also justified medical reasons for seeking out adult orthodontics that are actually more important than the cosmetically driven ones. Temporomandibular joint pain is common in adults who have lived many years with misaligned teeth and can be resolved by wearing a brace.

It is a condition that creeps up and is caused by the alterations your body has made due to misaligned jaws or teeth. This puts additional stress upon your temporomandibular joints and results in chronic neck pain, headaches and clicking and locking jaws. It can be a very disrupting chronic condition that has a huge impact on your everyday life.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms of temporomandibular joint pain and are curious if one of the options that have been mentioned could help you obtain the straighter smile you want, then contact our team, at Harley Street Dental Clinic, for an orthodontic assessment and we will do our very best to help you.