Think Invisalign is purely cosmetic? 5 health benefits of using this aligner

In the era of cosmetic dental care, it is easy to forget that the majority of these procedures also offer health benefits.


Of course, anyone who has had a cosmetic dental procedure will feel a boost in their confidence but were you aware that there are physical health benefits to be had? For instance, while porcelain veneers whiten your smile and straighten out minor misalignments, they also offer protection against sensitivity, meaning that post-fitting, you can eat as much ice cream as you want without a twinge!

And they are not the only cosmetic dental option that is versatile in its rewards!

When you come to our team for Invisalign W1, you are investing in more than a straighter smile. This invisible brace can prevent headaches, jaw pain and can even assist in better digestion! Along with offering a faster treatment time on your misaligned smile and being too discreet to notice, this brace can help you in more ways than you have probably thought of.

But what are some of the most overlooked health benefits of using Invisalign W1?

Easier digestion

How exactly does an invisible brace help digestion?

Well, your teeth are designed to bite into and chew food and if they are misaligned, they cannot do this correctly. In turn, this leads to issues with eating and digesting and can cause other problems such as acid reflux and heartburn.

When you use Invisalign W1, it straightens your teeth and allows them to function better when it comes to biting and grinding.

No more headaches or migraines

If you have misaligned teeth, there is a higher chance that you will grind them in the night as you sleep.

Also known as nocturnal bruxism, this can cause you to awaken each morning with headaches due to the tired muscles in your neck and jaw. As this brace realigns your molars, bruxing and grinding are reduced and this should mean you will have fewer headaches.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular issues

When your teeth are misaligned, they are harder to clean correctly.

As a result, plaque can accumulate and cause issues in both your mouth and your body. Wearing any brace allows these hidden areas of plaque to be exposed and removed, resulting in a lowered chance of developing cardiovascular issues. Wearing this brace also lowers your chance of having a stroke, a heart attack and from developing diabetes too, simply by straightening your teeth.

Better nutrition

A crooked smile makes it harder to bite into tougher foods, due to debris getting stuck and causing discomfort.

And so, wearing an invisible aligner like Invisalign, you can remove it to eat and it also allows for a more precise bite after the treatment, which can help you eat a wider variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. All very healthy and a great way to vary your diet!

Improved speech

And finally, having straighter teeth will impact positively on your speech and pronunciation, allowing you to speak in a clearer and more concise fashion. This can also improve confidence.