Ways a cosmetic dentist can restore your smile

When you come to see a cosmetic dentist at Harley Street Dental Clinic with a view to restoring your smile, the first thing they will do is undertake a thorough clinical examination. They will also take a detailed medical and dental history and find out a little bit about you and your lifestyle, before drawing up a customised treatment plan to meet your needs.

cosmetic-dentistWe have a uniquely skilled collection of professionals at our Harley Street dental practice, and the best treatment option will depend on your clinical needs, as well as your personal preferences.

Worn, broken or damaged teeth

If you have worn, broken or otherwise damaged teeth, the first thing your cosmetic dentist will do is to establish whether those teeth can be saved. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we focus on preventative dentistry, and strive to preserve natural teeth whenever it is viable to do so.

For front teeth with minor chips or cracks, or permanent discolouration, your cosmetic dentist may recommend porcelain veneers. These thin shells of porcelain are fitted over the front surfaces of the teeth, producing a beautiful and natural-looking result that will last many years.

Back teeth and those with more extensive wear and tear may require a cosmetic crown, which your dentist will closely match to the natural colour of your teeth.

Missing teeth

A dentist will always advise you to replace missing teeth, not just for the sake of your self-confidence but also to enable you to eat a full, healthy diet, and to keep remaining teeth healthy.

At our Harley Street clinic a cosmetic dentist can use standard dentures or bridges to replace missing teeth, or they may recommend dental implants. Implants replace the root portion of a tooth or teeth, and crowns, dentures, or a bridge can be attached on top.