Who is your preferred dentist in W1

Our aim is to provide you with a thorough and all round oral health care service that leaves you with a smile that is able to stand the test of time. We all work hard to make sure that you are confident and pleased with your teeth and gums, that your questions regarding your oral health are addressed completely, and that you are given affordable options so that you feel free to make the right decision for your health.


For some of our patients, we do this with a standard check-up and a scale and polish to keep that pesky buildup of plaque and tartar at bay. We use specialized tools at a dentist in W1 so that this plaque and tartar can be removed efficiently. During every consultation, we take full advantage of the equipment we have available, so you can rest assured knowing that early stages of dental decay can be correctly identified and accurately treated.

Other patients of ours may have been avoiding us for months, or even years, and as a result there may be some significant damage to the structural integrity of some teeth that has gone unnoticed. In these cases, we may need to perform restorative treatment so that you can maintain a good level of oral health.

What other steps are you taking to ensure my health isn’t compromised?

Your dentist in W1 will use innovative digital scanners to create highly detailed images of your teeth and jaw. These machines allow us to reduce the impact that X-rays can have on your body, however slight they may be. We understand that you are concerned about radiation exposure and you have every right to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your health.

As a pregnant patient, make sure you come in to see us frequently as hormonal changes can be disastrous for your oral health. We go to great measures to ensure the safety of your unborn baby regarding radiation exposure.

Morning sickness can also significantly erode enamel, leaving your teeth wide open to sensitivity and decay. Many expectant mothers find that they develop pregnancy tumors in the second trimester as well. These are usually found on the gums. While these are non-threatening, the identification and subsequent understanding of them can come as a huge relief.

Your smile, and knowing that it is strong and healthy, is important to us. We know that your mouth is a window to your overall health and wellbeing, and they are connected in ways that even we are yet to fully understand.

Trusting in the importance of frequently checking in with your dentist in W1 is the first step in developing a positive relationship with us. We like to think of ourselves as one big family and would love for you to join us. By learning any problems early on, we are more able to maintain a high level of oral health for you to enjoy.