Why a cosmetic dentist may recommend veneers

A cosmetic dentist enjoys nothing more than seeing a happy patient who has achieved the smile of their dreams. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our team believes that everybody deserves a beautiful smile to be proud of. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a patient who was once embarrassed to smile or laugh in public now beaming because they want to show off their new smile.

cosmetic dentistWe invite anyone who is unhappy with their smile to come into our Harley Street practice for a no-obligation consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Your dentist will carefully examine your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures, and will listen to what you want to achieve. They will then run through all the available treatments to help you get that dream smile.

One of the most frequently requested treatments from a cosmetic dentist is veneers. It’s not difficult to see why; they are a fast and effective way to enjoy a smile makeover. Where celebrities lead the general population usually follows, and more and more people are opting for dental veneers because as well as producing beautiful, lasting results, the treatment time is also considerably shorter than for many other cosmetic dental procedures, often requiring just a couple of visits to our Harley Street clinic.

Veneers can be made from porcelain, ceramic, or composite bonding (white filling) material. They are micro-thin shells bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth. Veneers can rectify a number of dental problems including permanent staining, chips, cracks, gaps, and misalignments. Whichever material you opt for, your cosmetic dentist will closely match the colour of your veneers to the natural shade of your teeth.

The high-quality veneers created at Harley Street Dental Clinic are not a short-term fix. With proper care they should last you for many years – typically at least a decade.