With maturity come wisdom teeth!

Our normal quota of teeth is thirty-two and the last of those to arrive are usually the molars or wisdom teeth Harley Street. They invariably arrive anywhere between seventeen and twenty- one years of age and there are usually four of them. They aid the chewing process and will normally come through your gum naturally, sometimes, with mild discomfort. They are referred to as wisdom teeth Harley Street because of their late arrival and have nothing to do with how intelligent you are!

Molars can cause problems

The biggest problem with rear molars is that they can become trapped under your gums and we refer to that as being impacted. If your new molars have not come through in the correct position that will make flossing difficult and this can cause food to become trapped, allowing bacteria to grow in cavities that may have occurred.  In some cases rear molars only get partially through the gum also causing infection from bacteria. Sometimes the new molars may cause crowding which can damage your adjacent teeth. The roots of nearby teeth can be damaged by a cyst that the new molars have caused and this can affect the bone loosening other teeth nearby.

Highlighting the importance of routine dental care

Preventive dentistry is extremely important to identify problems before they occur especially at this crucial age of seventeen and older. We encourage parents to start bringing their children to the surgery at an early age so that we can identify any problems that may be developing. Rear molar development can be monitored if you attend your regular six-monthly dental visits. This can avoid complex rear molar problems from developing. If you have neglected your regular dental visits we have a team that can help, but it makes sense to stick to your dental regime to avoid serious problems.

A team of experienced clinicians ready to help

Our clinic has a highly experienced dental team who can help to sort out problems with your wisdom teeth Harley Street. Each patient is unique and you will react differently to a similar problem experienced by another patient. Before we prescribe any treatment for wisdom teeth we will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and take numerous X-rays and in some cases a scan, so that we can identify exactly what needs to be done. We will always try to save a tooth, but in some cases it is not possible and it could be necessary to remove a wisdom tooth if it is causing severe pain and infection.

A practice proud of its service

Our practice is a modern, well-equipped dental surgery with many decades of experience treating patients in this area. We are now treating second and third generations of patients which is testament to the quality of service which we offer. From treating impacted wisdom teeth to teeth whitening we have the skills and the equipment to be able to handle any dental problem that you may be experiencing. In response to our patients’ requests we also offer a wide variety of facial aesthetic treatments in our sterile treatment rooms.