Worry-free endodontics

Sometimes our teeth get so badly infected that our dentist recommends root canal therapy.

This is the layman’s term for a branch of dentistry called endodontics. Harley Street Dental Clinic has a dentist who specialises in this kind of treatment.

endodontics-in-harley-streetWe know that many people get pretty frightened when they are told that they are going to need endodontics. Harley Street Dental Clinic’s, Dr Nectaria Polycarpouis our endodontist and she diagnoses inflammatory diseases and infections of the teeth, so that she can use advanced techniques, equipment and materials to resolve the problems.

Endodontics focuses on the inside of the tooth, the blood supply and nerves, and also around the tooth, if the infection has spread from the pulp. If the infection and inflammation are not dealt with, you can end up losing the infected tooth. Tooth loss leads to a whole new set of issues involving the jawbone and the surrounding teeth, so these days, dentists prefer that you hang on to your natural teeth as long as possible.

The treatment that is often recommended to deal with severe infection and inflammation inside the tooth is root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment involves the use of specialist equipment, such as a dental binocular microscope. Dr Polycarpou uses this to see into the roots of the tooth, and then clears out the infection. Once the roots have been totally cleared, they are filled, so that there cannot be further infection.

It is usually possible to carry out this treatment under local anaesthetic. But Dr Polycarpou understands that some people can become anxious at the thought of receiving this treatment, and they may also require sedation. Her main aim to make sure that the treatment is pain-free.

The treatment may require one or two visits to Harley Street Dental Clinic, with the average treatment taking between one and two hours. If you need more than one visit, you will be fitted with a temporary filling between visits to protect the tooth. Once the treatment is finished, Dr Polycarpou will most likely cover the root canal with a crown, to protect it and give it extra strength.