Your tooth roots and dentistry

You may think that all dentists have the same skills and knowledge, but in fact dentistry is a complex and varied area of care. Every dentist has to study for 5 years to become a general dentist, but after they have qualified, they can then choose an area of dentistry for more in-depth study and training. Cosmetic dentistry, braces, dental implants are all different areas of dentistry. Another is the study of tooth roots, and the living tooth material inside them.

Endodontics in Harley StreetTeeth are so hard that it can seem like they are just chunks of enamel, and like hair, no longer alive, but in fact they are complex bits of natural engineering. The outer layer is the enamel, and underneath are the dentin and the living pulp. We can see the crowns of the teeth above the gum line but below are the roots and they contain living pulp. Get a tooth infection, or suffer a trauma and you soon know that your teeth are alive; the pain is often excruciating.

In the past, your dentist might have just extracted an infected tooth, but these days, we prefer to save them if we can. Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street, we have a dentist who focuses solely on endodontics, which is the treatment of tooth roots and the soft tissue inside them.

Our endodontics dentist is Dr Nectaria Polycarpou. She deals with all the different aspects of endodontic treatment, including diagnosing the causes of long-term pain.

Dr Polycarpou works solely on endodontic cases and is also a consultant at King’s College Hospital, where she trains qualified dentists to become specialists in endodontics.

Root canal treatment

This treatment removes diseased pulp material from tooth roots where the crown of the tooth is otherwise still healthy and functional.

While any general dentist can carry out root canal therapy, if you need complex treatment you are likely to be treated by Dr Polycarpou here at Harley Street Dental Clinic. Complex root canal treatments usually involve teeth with more than one root needing diseased pulp to be removed.

If you need endodontic treatment, you will be in safe hands with Dr Polycarpou.