Finding a dentist in an emergency

Finding an emergency dentist should not be difficult. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer extended opening hours and emergency call-outs, and maintain an emergency service line to help you get treatment as soon as possible, because we know that while dental emergencies don’t keep to standard office hours, in an emergency situation the sooner you see a dental professional the better.

emergency-dental-careIf you are looking for an emergency dentist in Harley Street, contact us on 020 3740 6963. We will always do our best to see you on the same day because quick action counts. Our emergency call-our service is available until 10pm and from 7am until the practice opens at 8.30am.

What is a dental emergency?

There are many reasons patients need to see an emergency dentist. These include:

  • Sudden, unbearable toothache
  • Teeth lost in accidents or through injury
  • Teeth damaged in accidents or through injury
  • Unstoppable bleeding after oral surgery
  • Dental abscess
  • Broken or damaged orthodontic devices
  • Broken or damaged dental implants/restorations

Your dentist’s first priority will be to get you out of pain and stabilise you if you are experiencing unstoppable or excessive bleeding. Depending on your needs you may need further follow-up appointments to fully treat your problem. At our Harley Street clinic we have a unique collection of dental professionals including orthodontists, oral surgeons and dental hygienists, and you will be directed towards the best team member to help you.

What to do if you lose a tooth

Our teeth are vulnerable to loss or damage through accidents and injuries, including trips and falls, road traffic accidents, and sports injuries. Sometimes it is possible for your dentist to reimplant a tooth that has been knocked out, so if you still have the tooth keep it clean and bring it with you to our Harley Street clinic. If it cannot be reimplanted, your dentist will discuss replacement options.