The key to a lovely smile

When you come to Harley Street Dental Clinic wanting to get your teeth straightened, you will be made an appointment with our orthodontist in Harley Street.

At our practice in Harley Street, the orthodontist is the dentist whose area of interest focusses on the branch of dentistry concerned with aligning the teeth and jaws.

When it comes to an orthodontist in Harley Street, we’ve got two to choose from.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetDr Emma Laing

Dr Laing qualified from Bristol University in 2002 with distinctions and the gold medal for best student. She has worked in various London hospitals to gain a Fellowship in Dental Surgery. She started training in orthodontics in 2005, qualifying as a specialist, registered with the General Dental Council, in 2008.

Dr Darsh Patel

Dr Patel qualified in dentistry in Manchester in 1998, and after gaining experience from numerous vocational training posts in London, qualified as a specialist orthodontist, registered with the General Dental Council, in 2001. Dr Patel is involved in face-driven orthodontics, which involves the removal of fewer teeth for orthodontic procedures.

More discreet than ever

Both our orthodontists in Harley Street can offer a wide range of devices for straightening teeth, many of which are far more discreet and more comfortable than the older types of metal train track braces that we associate with 1980s awkward adolescent movies. The modern braces are far more appealing for adults who didn’t get their teeth straightened as teenagers, or who did, but their teeth have now drifted out of alignment.

Very often, adults who want their teeth straightened do not need the major realignment of their jaws, but just tiny movements to bring the teeth at the front of their mouths, known as the social six, into order.

This means that the braces required can be smaller and treatment times can be quicker. Clear braces have smaller brackets and tooth-coloured wires, and sometimes only take about six months to do their work. There are also clear aligners, which look more like mouth guards. A series of these is worn, each for about two weeks, to align the teeth.

The best way to find out what system you need to align your teeth is to book a consultation with one of our orthodontists.

Replacing teeth with like for like

When we lose our teeth, we don’t really want to be told that they can only be replaced with things that take away our sense of taste, confine us to a soft food diet, or will mean losing healthy teeth to get them to stay in our mouths. Yet, up until not so very long ago, these were the available options. However, all that changed with the discovery of titanium as an implant material in the 1950s, and the resultant increasing availability and versatility of dental implants in Harley Street.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, we think it is fair to say that the use of dental implants has reached a tipping point so that they are now more in demand than dentures and fixed bridges. And this is not surprising, considering that Harley Street dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that gives you back the full functionality of your teeth.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown. Having a new root firmly embedded into the jawbone allows once again for a stable and secure chewing base, capable of withstanding the multidirectional pressures, which can be about 200lb or 97kg for the average male chew. Compare this to dentures, which can only offer about a quarter of the chewing pressure, or bridges which can offer more, but you can’t have bitty foods, such as nuts, which get under the bridge and can be very uncomfortable.

In Harley Street, dental implants are more expensive than bridges and dentures, but we believe they still offer good value-for-money. This is because implants have a success rate of about 98% and can be expected to last for the rest of your life, provided you look after them with thorough cleaning to keep plaque at bay. The porcelain crowns of the implants cannot decay, but they are as susceptible to gum disease as natural teeth, and if gum disease attacks the bone holding your implants, they can become loose and fall out.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, why not book a consultation?

Healthy, comfortable, modern

Harley Street Dental Clinic is a friendly, high-quality dentist in W1. A London dental practice in a spacious, converted Georgian townhouse, we offer tactful and reassuring dental care, putting you at ease as we look after your oral health.

Experienced and contemporary

Dentist in W1Using contemporary equipment and up-to-date techniques, our team of professionals can discuss your oral health needs in depth to find the treatments that are right for you. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments will improve your appearance if your teeth are discoloured or improperly aligned. If you have damaged or missing teeth, we offer durable replacements that can give you back your natural dental function and enjoyment. Whatever your reasons, our high level of overall oral healthcare means we can prevent future problems while we improve your current situation. We can detect the subtle signs of unwanted problems and take care of them before they take hold. And while we get to know you as your W1 dentist, we can tailor our approach to your personal preferences.

Strong and smiling

We are the W1 dentist for many children as well as adults. We have a solution for all sorts of dental conditions. Our modern braces can realign crooked teeth discreetly and surprisingly quickly. A set of dental veneers can restore neatness to chipped teeth while providing defence against tooth decay. And dental implants can replace a set of teeth and maintain your natural bone density.

During regular visits to our practice, our team will monitor the condition of your mouth, and draw on a wealth of expertise to make oral hygiene recommendations that will keep your teeth as healthy as they can be. We can look for signs of oral cancer and discuss the dietary issues that affect your teeth and gums.

Accessible improvements

Our range of financial options makes your treatment more accessible. You can spread the cost of your treatment using monthly payment plans, instead of having to use your savings in a lump sum payment. We want your experience to be as comfortable as possible, and believe you should be able to have the right treatment whenever you need it.

Effective braces with a discreet appearance

Many dental patients can be reluctant to have their teeth straightened because they don’t want to wear an uncomfortable appliance. Also, they don’t want that appliance to be embarrassingly eye-catching whenever they open their mouth in public.

But with modern invisible braces, Harley Street Dental Clinic provides you with a way to improve the appearance and health of your teeth, with technology that’s much more discreet than the traditional metal appliances.

Invisible Braces in Harley StreetA precisely-measured solution

Treatment with invisible braces in Harley Street will begin with a relaxed conversation in our friendly dental practice. We’ll use up-to-date equipment to take detailed images of your mouth, so that your treatment plan can be precisely adapted to your particular dental needs. Then we’ll produce a set of clear plastic aligners, 3D-printed to match your required improvements with efficiency and minimal discomfort.


You’ll wear one of these aligners in your mouth for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one. As our dentist keeps the procedure on track with regular check-ups at our practice in Harley Street, invisible braces like these will gently pressure your teeth to move into healthier positions. They can be removed during mealtimes and when you brush your teeth, so that disruption to your oral hygiene routine is kept to a minimum. Afterwards, you’ll probably need to wear a retainer at night, to secure the teeth in their new positions.

Advantages for many conditions

There are many reasons why we use this technology to realign patients’ teeth. Front teeth that stick out too much, teeth that are crowded and awkward in the mouth, and misaligned bites are all treatable by this method. For our patients with professional careers, the transparent material of their Harley Street invisible braces has enabled them to keep working and attending meetings with a minimum of social distress.

Healthy teeth look better

After your treatment, your smile will look much smarter, and you will enjoy a long-term overall improvement in your oral health and hygiene. Because the teeth are straighter, they are easier to keep clean, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. And their more efficient alignment will put less strain on your jaw.

Improving looks, feeling smarter

It’s often the desire to freshen their appearance that leads people to visit a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street. Discolouration can gradually turn the teeth from their natural white into a variety of undesirable yellows or browns. Teeth whitening is a simple way to get rid of this bothersome situation. Or perhaps your teeth are not quite as straight as you’d like, in which case a course of realignment will give them a more uniform appearance. A set of veneers can improve a wonky smile while providing the teeth’s enamel surfaces with a layer of extra protection.

Cosmetic Dentist in Harley StreetWhatever your reasons, cosmetic dentistry at Harley Street Dental Clinic can help you achieve a boost in social confidence while it enhances your appearance.

Experienced service

We aim to make the experience of visiting a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street a comfortable one, and we tailor our approach to make sure it’s suited to your overall dental needs. Our friendly dental professionals will talk to you about your teeth to find the most appropriate cosmetic treatment. Using modern imaging equipment, we will take detailed images of your mouth to ensure we can deliver our treatment with care and precision. With some treatments, we can show you computer-generated imagery of how your teeth will look after the procedure is complete. We have a wide selection of modern cosmetic solutions, and there’s always something we can do to boost your dental appearance.

Financial care

Some people can delay making the improvements they’ve always wanted because the cost of visiting a Harley Street cosmetic dentist can seem quite high. That’s why we offer payment plans for our treatments, so that achieving a brighter smile need not disrupt your finances. Monthly payment plans mean you don’t have to wait to save up a lump sum before you begin your treatment. So, if the condition of your teeth makes you reluctant to open your mouth when you smile, or if you worry that gaps in your teeth make you look unprofessional, we can get you started on a solution quickly, to help you move into a new phase of dental confidence.

All your dental needs covered in one dental clinic in W1

Looking after our teeth well is a very important part of our adult lives. Having healthy looking and healthy feeling teeth is important in many aspects of our lives. From enjoying the foods we love to being confident with our appearance.

Harley Street Dental Clinic, our W1 dental clinic, is a one-stop shop for all your dental needs. Whatever you need for your dental health, you can get it with us, all under one roof.

Dental Clinic in W1Cosmetic dentistry for brighter smiles

Our team of cosmetic dentists can treat just about any problem with the way your teeth look. For discolouration we offer teeth whitening to give you that extra sparkle within 2 weeks.

If needed, a whole smile makeover can be provided in-house at our dental clinic in W1. We can solve a range of issues, such as teeth that are worn, stained, chipped, crooked, or altogether missing.

Your new smile can be designed with 3D imaging technology. Your cosmetic dentist can then go through the procedures that will achieve your dream smile. We even have treatments for the appearance of a gummy smile to rebalance the proportion of teeth to gums using lasers to sculpt the gum line.

Keeping your teeth healthy with regular dental check-ups

It is important to visit your dentist regularly so they can spot any problems early to prevent them from getting any worse.

At your check-up, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and mouth, looking for any signs of trouble. Your dentist may take x-rays if necessary. If you have any questions since your last visit, your dentist will be there to advise you on care and any treatment needed. A dental hygienist is also available to give your teeth a comprehensive clean, scale, and polish, keeping gum disease at bay and leaving you feeling fresh.

Our dentists aim to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and that you are happy with their appearance and functionality. With a confident, healthy smile, you can get on with your day-to-day tasks at work and at home without being held back by poor oral health.

Strong and good-looking new teeth

Contemporary dental implants in Harley Street will give you back the dental function you’ve been missing if you’ve experienced tooth loss. Whether you want to replace a single tooth or a whole set, implant dentistry at Harley Street Dental Clinic will bring health benefits beyond those that removable dentures can provide.

Structural improvements

Dental Implants in Harley StreetThe integrated and personalised construction of your Harley Street dental implants will give you a variety of important oral health improvements:

  • Implants prevent the jawbone from becoming weak, reducing the risk of damage or injury and maintaining the natural firmness of your facial structure;
  • They reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay by filling in the gaps in your teeth, leaving less space in which food debris can build up;
  • They are easy to clean with your toothbrush, just the same as your natural teeth;
  • The pronunciation of certain words and phrases can be easier with dental implants than it would be with removable dentures.

Personalised procedure

In the relaxed surroundings of our converted Georgian town house in Harley Street, dental implants are a procedure that requires several stages. The first is a detailed discussion about your oral health and an examination of your teeth. Modern imaging equipment will help us to make a precise treatment plan. Then comes the implant procedure itself, during which small titanium posts are placed into your jawbone, into specially made channels that act as artificial sockets. After a short period of healing, you will return to the practice to have replacement teeth securely fixed to the posts.

Renewed strength

As you eat and talk, tiny vibrations occur in the mouth. The metal posts of the implants transmit these vibrations to the jawbone, stimulating it to maintain its natural density. As well as providing a strong base for your teeth, which allows you to bite and chew with renewed confidence, this integrated arrangement prevents the face from developing that sunken look that can characterise the long-term wearer of removable dentures. This is caused by the jawbone resorbing, which happens when there are no tooth roots to stimulate cell renewal. In this way, your facial appearance is maintained, while your dental hygiene and enjoyment are enhanced.

Realignment by stealth

We offer a modern way to straighten your teeth at our practice in Harley Street. Clear braces, moulded from transparent plastic, are more comfortable and less visible than the wire-and-bracket braces that traditionally spring to mind when people imagine braces. Their low visibility and precisely customised features give you the opportunity to improve your dental health and appearance without attracting undue attention.

An adaptable and efficient solution

Braces are often associated with adolescence. But more and more professional adults are undergoing this treatment, because opting for clear braces in Harley Street means you can straighten your teeth without worrying about how you’ll look at important business meetings or summer barbecues. And as well as being kinder to your appearance, these braces can often get the job done in less time than the old method would have taken.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetA gradual journey

Once you’ve had a conversation with our friendly team and decided these braces are the right thing for your oral health, your dentist will take detailed images of your teeth and create a precise treatment plan. A set of clear plastic aligners will be moulded, with the aid of a computer, out of transparent plastic material. You’ll wear each one of these aligners for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one.

The aligners can be removed when you brush your teeth, and when you eat. Because each of them is a slightly different shape, your teeth will be guided into healthier positions over the course of the treatment. Depending on your needs, this can take 6-18 months, or perhaps longer.

Far-reaching benefits

Once your Harley Street clear braces come off, you might need to wear a retainer at night, to ensure the teeth settle in to their new positions. Then you can enjoy your better-looking smile, as well as the lasting health benefits it brings. Your newly-aligned bite will function more efficiently because the teeth all point in the right direction, putting less strain on your jaw. And it’ll be easier to maintain good oral hygiene, because there’ll be fewer awkward areas in your mouth that are tricky to clean.

Quality care for your teeth

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we offer our patients a comfortable experience of modern oral healthcare. When you arrive at our practice after seeking a dentist in Harley Street, you’ll find a tasteful and quiet waiting area in a converted Georgian townhouse. Equipped with a television and a separate room for prayer or quiet contemplation, this waiting area encapsulates our belief that patient care should be relaxing, modern, and personalised.

Our highly trained staff will get to know your dental needs and how you feel about dentistry in general, so that they can match you with the most suitable dentist in our experienced team.

Dentist in Harley StreetA tactful and efficient Harley Street dentist

We listen closely to our patients so that we can provide the most appropriate methods of care that will benefit their oral health. By monitoring your oral condition during routine check-ups, we can detect the early signs of tooth decay or gum disease that might be too tricky for you to see at home.

With our range of cosmetic dentistry options we can improve the look of your teeth, which can have a positive effect on how you feel about your overall appearance. You might have teeth that look crooked, or that stick out more than you’d like. Contemporary teeth straightening appliances can correct these problems with efficiency and subtlety. Or your teeth might be chipped from injury or decay, in which case a set of veneers will both tidy up your smile and protect the surface of the teeth from further erosion.

We relate to each of our patients as individual people, with differing needs and preferences, and all of our treatments are delivered with your long-term oral health in mind.

Dental care made affordable

We know that sometimes people imagine they won’t be able to afford the cost of the dental improvements a Harley Street dentist will provide. That’s why we offer monthly payment plans. We believe that vital treatments should be accessible and that you shouldn’t have to endure unnecessary financial hardship while you save up a lump sum. By spreading the financial impact, we make your treatment more affordable, whether its cosmetic, preventive, or a bit of both.

Orthodontics: another very long word

Dentistry, like medicine, is full of very long words for simple things that come from the Latin, or the Greek, and sometimes both at once, which annoys ancient language purists no end. Dentists use these very long words because they can be understood by every dentist around the world, whereas translations from one everyday language to another can often cause confusion.

Take orthodontics for example. This wonderfully long and important word refers to the branch of dentistry that is concerned with making sure that your teeth fit together correctly. It covers not only your teeth, but your jaws, because if your jaws don’t line up, your teeth aren’t going to either. Teeth straightening doesn’t quite say enough of what we do, although it is mostly what we do, so that’s why we use orthodontics.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetWhat does an orthodontist do?

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have several dentists who, after getting their degrees in dentistry, have gone on to get post-graduate training in orthodontics. These people really know their stuff about straightening teeth and jaws. What they do to your teeth will change your mouth for life, if you are disciplined and wear your retainer, otherwise your teeth will drift back to how they were.

Orthodontists have to be able to look at your teeth and understand how they got like that and how to put them right. With young children, they have to be able to look at teeth that have not even come through yet and know how they are going to erupt and how to encourage them to grow straight. They have to understand about how jaws grow so that if your child’s teeth aren’t meeting, they can realign their jaws while the face is still growing.

Along with all that biology, your orthodontist also has to have a good understanding of mechanics so that they know how to put your teeth right – how tight to make the wires and what angle to fix the brackets to your teeth to pull them where they need to go.

Teeth and jaw straightening is a skill requiring knowledge and experience, and a very long word to describe it.